Done, s.r.o. disposes of the following methodologies and tools with which the Done consultants have practical experience:

  • Project management methodology
  • System integration methodology
  • Competitive tendering methodology
  • Methodology for CRM - CRMA® proposal and implementation
  • Methodology for implementation of Process management
  • EPV - Easy Project View® - a tool for a top management view on a project implementation with a possibility of linking to MS Project Server.

  • ARIS Toolset and its supplementary components are tools for professional management of company processes. They enable to define, model, analyse and optimize company processes within the whole wide company spectrum. In the time of electronic business it is possible to provide fast decisions for managing the company processes. ARIS Toolset enables a realistic simulation of resource exploitation, a calculation of process costs, for example for decisions of the type "make" or "buy", and further also sharing of the modelled and optimized company processes via the company intranet. In other words, with ARIS we can perform a magic.

  • MS Project is an application that is worldwide the most used software for planning, administrating and passing on information about projects. In other words, we are compatible for management of your projects.


  • ProjectLibre is an open source solution for project managers designed for project planning. We use ProjectLibre as a replacement for Microsoft Project and other project management applications to prepare the time schedule of projects for our clients who prefer a family of LibreOffice products. ProjectLibre uses standard scheduling functionality as you're used from other products for project management.


  • For the creation of diagrams we use MS Visio. With this tool we can create business and technical diagrams in which complicated plans, processes and systems can be documented and arranged. The diagrams are created in the Visio application that enables to clearly, briefly and effectively visualise and pass on information in such a way that would not be possible only by using texts and numbers.