System integration

Elaborating and carrying out strategic studies and feasibility studies in the area of IS/ICT including:

  • linkage of strategies/studies to a company vision and strategy, a review of present status
  • proposal of target status/solution and further process of implementation including proposals of:

    • principles and rules of IS/ICT development
    • target status/solution
    • projects for implementation
    • further process including an implementation schedule
    • organization of implementation stage and personnel requirements
    • risks and critical success factors
    • financial requirements
    • recommendation

Management and administration of projects including providing experienced and qualified capacities for project management in all stages:

  • definition
  • planning
  • implementation
  • closing

For providing services in the area of project management and administration we use our own methodology of project management corresponding to worldwide recognized methodologies in this area. The methodology has been successfully implemented in several financial and industrial companies. In case of requirement we are ready and able to work also according the customer's methodology.

At the same time we have developed for you a tool for monitoring and managing projects - Easy Project View® that provides project managers and line managers on different management levels with an overview of project status. It is supposed to be used for projects that are being considered, planned as well as implemented.

Organization and carrying out tenders including:

  • elaboration of request for proposal / tender dossier
  • proposal of criteria for evaluation of offers
  • proposal of procedure for evaluation of offers
  • proposal of final evaluation of offers
  • proposal of procedure for contractual negotiations and cooperation during contractual negotiations.

For providing services in the area of competitive tendering we use our own methodology that is fully conformable with legal provision for public procurement.

For providing services of integration we use and we are able to provide and implement in your company the following methodologies:

  • Project management methodology
  • Methodology for organization of tenders (and public contracts)

and provide and implement Easy Project View® product for managerial monitoring and management of projects.

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