Easy Project View

Basic features

Easy Project View® (EPV) is a management superstructure of information systems for project management providing an overview of the status of all projects for managers on different management levels. The tool provides a view on the following status of projects:

  • implemented
  • planned
  • considered

EPV has been designed to provide information in an easy way. It is not necessary to know specialized and often complicated tools for sophisticated project management.

EPV is able to provide its users with different views on projects' status and project reports in a very easy way, on-line and at request.

Main advantages and benefits of EPV

  • easy operation
  • easy and fast access to project information and its status within the scope of defined user access rights
  • different views on projects by selection from the set possibilities
  • basic and main information about projects centralized in one place
  • uniform reports about projects with a possibility of assembling own reporting structure by selection from monitored project parameters and creating reports "at request"
  • combination of manual and automated entering of data and information into the EPV (connection with the MS Project Server tool)

What does EPV enable?

Easy Project View is an application designed for managerial monitoring and project management. It is built on using the internet technologies that enable an access to information stored in data base of the EPV via intranet and internet.

EPV enables:

  • to record and monitor both requirements for commencement of projects, and active as well as completed projects
  • to monitor and manage project life cycle on the basis of implemented project management methodology
  • to define and monitor a link of individual projects to strategic objectives of a customer and also to a predefined set of project objectives
  • to define project priorities
  • by using a transparent graphic design of traffic lights to provide fast information about the status of project basic parameters
    (progress,schedule, cost and human resources) within one project or a group of projects
  • to set limits for switching the traffic lights colours individually for each project
  • to monitor the deadlines, cost, used capacities and important management acts within individual project stages
  • for repeated activities within individual project stages to create partial stages; to monitor, register and store main documents related to monitored project activities at one place
  • to create partial and summary reports about progress of one project or a group of projects and reports "at request"
  • connection to specialized tool for project management - Microsoft Project Server

EPV methodically enables to monitor and manage projects on the levels of:

Individual projects or groups of projects that include individual, interrelated projects.

Within theses basic building elements it is enabled to monitor managing structures of groups of projects as well as individual projects. Within individual projects it is enabled to monitor management acts, basic planned and real deadlines of the project schedule, planned and real cost, planned and real use of human resources.

EPV product is equipped by a comfortable administration of codes including:

  • persons for assignment to the project roles
  • project roles
  • EPV application users and their access rights to application
  • partial project stages
  • project objectives and company strategic objectives
  • project priorities

and contains a functionality enabling a fast creation of reports. Reports can be adapted to customer requirements and it is also possible to create them for individual projects or for groups of projects.

EPV has been created with respect to data security. Requirements for security are guaranteed by a controlled user access to the EPV, by a different scope level of authorization of individual users to individual application functionalities.

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