About us

About us

The company Done, s.r.o. was founded by two successful independent consultants in 2000 and since then has been providing its services to a large number of clients.

Thanks to gained experience we are able to understand the client needs and provide them with exactly what they need in adequate quality. Evidently, we would not be able to reach this without our team of professionals whose qualities have been verified many times by demanding orders.

The company values which have a significant impact on all our steps, include particularly respecting the clients and their needs, a strong orientation on team work and meeting the obligations. Our company values and their fulfillment provide us with a great competitive advantage and it is also for our clients the guarantee of successful completion of projects in agreed time quality and budget.

In case of using our services you will be surely satisfied not only with the result of our cooperation, but also with a long term effect that will be brought.

We will be glad to offer our services to your company.

What can we offer to you?

In order to reach your objectives the company Done along with its team of qualified professionals is ready to provide services and products that will guarantee together with our experience the success of your enterprise.


Consulting in the areas of implementation of process orientation, process management, changes in processes, change management, company performance management and client relationship management. Part of the activity is also creating strategic and conception materials and change management.


Creating strategic studies and feasibility studies in the area of IS/ICT, cooperating on implementation of these documents, providing consultations in the area of IS/ICT and its development along with organizing tenders and public contracts.

Conferences and Publishing House

Conferences and publishing activities are primarily focused on energy sector. Thanks to this experience we can offer you services that will help you with carrying out professional conferences including provision of the follow-up publications.

Tools and methodologies

We dispose of thoroughly selected tools, own methodologies and products. Among our used tools belong ARIS Toolset for professional management of business processes and MS Project, a worldwide used software for planning, administrating and managing projects.

We dispose and use methodologies for Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Process Management Implementation, Business Process Reengineering and Organization of tendering procedures. Last but not least we dispose of the product Easy Project View® designed for managerial monitoring and management of projects.